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LG GW620

LG GW620 Released in November 2009, the LG GW620 is the first of its kind. Also widely known as the LG Eve, LG came out with its first android phone in an already crazy cell phone market. A beauty in its own, the phone has gained a lot of publicity right after its launch. With the consumer's ever increasing appetite for social networking, the company got off with its new venture at the nick of time.

Design and Dimension

106 x 55 x 12 mm- that is what the GW620 measures to. Weighing around 139 g, this phone comes quite handy. Good to look at, it features a slide on QWERTY keypad and a 3.0 inches touch screen that scores high on one's requirements. It's sturdy and also easily fits the hand. With curved edges and a black blue color compilation, it grades high in appearance and presentation.


The GW620 has a 5 mega pixel camera that speaks for its quality. Read more »

LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir If it is a phone you want with a top notch camera, the LG KC910 Renoir will not disappoint you. Announced in August 2008, the phone is available in the market since November 2008. LG has always made it a point to incorporate the latest technology and make the handsets feature-filled.

Similarly, for KC910 Renoir, they left no stone unturned. It has the newest connectivity technology and champs the world of camera phones. Along with the attractive display feature, KC910 Renoir is a high flier.

Design and Dimension

The slight mirror finish rendered to the phone adds on to the glamour quotient. It is of the slate form factor. Somewhat similar looking to an iPhone, the 3.0 inch touch screen makes the most of the front panel. It weighs 114 g and the dimension is 107.8 x 55.9 x 14 mm. The Renoir looks great, but Read more »


LG KM555 COOKIE Life is Good and with the release of the one of its latest phones LG has proved it all over again! The LG COOKIE KM555 combines class and convenience. This phone has a slim and sleek metallic body that makes a fashion statement. It has a very sensitive,accurate and responsive touchscreen. Moreover it has all the connections one needs like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS, EDGE.

Design and Dimensions

The KM555 measures 104.9 x 52.6 x 11.9 mm and just weighs 90 g. It is aesthetically designed in keeping with LG’s tradition. It has a light catching metallic body , an almost mirrored finish that makes one want to caress it! It is available in three colors including black, silver and violet. It also has slim side buttons that jut out of the edges like ribs to offer volume, music, power and camera controls. Read more »

LG Imprint MN240

LG Imprint MN240 At first glance, the LG Imprint MN 240 looks identical to the Kin One Slider but actually it is the sibling of LG’s Remarq. This pocket –sized handset is equipped with features that help people to remain connected. This sleek and stylish slide phone has a full QWERTY keyboard, a variety of messaging functionality and support for email. Its ultra-compact design along with its extensive multimedia is sure to woo customers.

This is the ideal device for those who wish to possess a headset with an easy to use interface that would allow them to remain connected with friends, colleagues and family. LG Imprint also organizes SMS conversations in the form of threaded messages. This feature displays text messages in conversation format. The handset also offers Pocket Express feature delivering the most recent news, travel  Read more »

LG Venus - VX8800

LG Venus

After a number of several impressive handsets offered by LG in the past couple of years, they are at it once more with the LG Venus VX8800, or known simply as the LG Venus. And Venus could not have been a more fitting name as this little device screams beauty and grace when viewed at any angle. It has a uniquely designed dual display with a touch sensitive screen. And what we love in its design is extended all the way under its skin. It has loads of features that will definitely make this phone a must have for those looking for a mobile phone with both beauty and brains, so to Read more »

LG CU920

LG CU920

The LG CU920 is under AT&T. It is built similar to the Prada phone, with its 3 inch wide screen that is touch sensitive. It is said that its US counterpart will be updated with actual 3G support. Indeed, the mobile industry is the fastest growing market today. Various cell phones are being manufactured. It even gets better because pieces of the growing technology are slowly being implemented on the mobile phones that are now sold in the market.

The LG CU920 is no different from other mobiles that are coming out. It has features like video calling and internet capabilities that will pose as a big convenience in your lifestyle. It has camera and video functions that allow you to store unforgettable moments and events in your life. It is microSD compatible, which means that you can save as many memories and data as you like.

LG CU920 Camera and Display

The LG CU920 has an immobile built-in camera  with video capabilities as well. Aside from this it has video player functions. It has Read more »

LG Voyager

LG Voyager

The mobile phone division of LG scores a big one with the LG Voyager. Tagged by many as the Apple iPhone killer because of its many advantages over the iPhone, expectations are already high, with iPhone aficionados' eyebrows raised even higher. But taking into consideration the functions of the Voyager versus the iPhone, it very well may be what could give Apple a run for its money.

First to be tested of course is the call functions of the Voyager. While call quality is overall good, for its Read more »

LG VX8610

LG VX8610

The LG VX8610 is being categorized as the new replacement for the LG VX8550 Chocolate. It is a newly released mobile that has a slider style; which is similar to most of the new cell phones in the market. It just so happens that the touch-sensitive buttons were replaced with four buttons that are standard-type; and surrounds the trackball d-pad. This would be similar to the actual ball being used on certain Blackberry devices. Thus, the LG VX8610 is expected to hit North America in the 2nd quarter of 2008.

LG VX8610 Camera and Display

The LG VX8610 mobile has a lot of features that will surprise you. Although it's sliding feature is very common to cell phones these days, when you start turning this mobile over, you will discover its most wonderful attribute. The LG VX8610 has a built-in and removable Bluetooth actual earpiece! In fact, it is considered as the 1st Verizon phone with a Read more »

LG VX9100

LG VX9100

The new LG VX9100 which will take over the reign of the VX9900 or the LG enV, will probably be announced this coming April and will be available by the second quarter of this year at the earliest, if rumors hold true.

It is already being touted as the next Apple iPhone killer, promising to deliver all the features of the iPhone and more. And even as early as now, great expectations and pessimistic eyebrows are already rising as well. And if everything go as planned, LG will be giving Apple a very Read more »

LG KT610

LG KT610

LG Electronics is a worldwide design and technology leader in actual mobile communications. They teamed up with Symbian Limited, which is the famous marketing leader for the operating systems of open mobiles. Together, they came up with the LG KT610.

The LG KT610 is an extraordinary GPS-enabled stylish mobile phone. It has a unique and charming 2.4” VGA flip-type screen which holds a QWERTY keypad that resembles the one for the PCs.

Symbian Limited based the OS of the LG KT610 with that of the Read more »

LG VX8000

LG VX8000

The LG VX8000 is the first outing by Verizon Wireless to feature full EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) support. Already an ample mobile phone in its own right, it is all the more made better as it utilizes Verizon's promises of speed starting at 300 kbps and up to as much as 500 kbps. This is mobile networking at its best. But the real advantage of the VX8000 over its competitors is the ability to access Video On Demand, which has various programs such as news, sports, and entertainment available as a streaming video through Verizon's V Cast service.

In addition to the VX8000's many features, the phone is also able to store up to 500 contacts and store up to two email addresses and five telephone numbers. You can also assign a picture for each contact as a means of caller ID that will display on the VX8000's screen every time a call is received. The handset also has three way calling, a calendar, speakerphone, vibrating Read more »

LG Rumor

LG Rumor

The successor of the popular LG F9200 finally arrives in the form of the "Rumor". As a general description, you may think of the Rumor as a QWERTY keyboard mobile phone without the smart phone intricacy. With that in mind though, the Rumor is not without its own set of advanced and attractive features. Like said, it has a QWERTY keyboard that the user can slide out from under the phone, making it very viable as a text messaging little device. It has a camera for your picture taking needs (more on this later), a music player and Bluetooth support among others.

With all that functionality in a mobile phone, it surprising to note that the LG Rumor is easy to use and navigating through its menus is a breeze. And quite obviously, the QWERTY keyboard makes Read more »

LG enV VX9900

LG enV VX9900

LG ENV The new LG VX9900 is the successor to the popular LG 9800 and as such takes from it the good traits we have come to love and refines it further. More popularly known with its alias as the LG enV, there is not a more fitting name, as the 9900 would definitely be the source of envy for gadget aficionados.

The enV has room for 1,000 contacts in its phone book, twice that of the 9800, and can manage as much as six phone numbers for each contact, two email addresses and notes. The user can also attach photos with their contacts and save them to groups. This is especially useful when sending text messages to a particular group as not to be tedious. Not just for text, the enV is also capable Read more »

LG KU990 Viewty

The LG KU990 Viewty

Every time our favorite cellular phone manufacturer releases a new model we want it in our hands as soon as possible. We have our personal preferences in mind in choosing the right mobile phone and finding the phone’s key features is the only way for us to know if it truly fits our lifestyle. Whether it’s a plain phone or the most high-end phone available, as long as it catches your interest it will be the most ideal phone for you. Better check up one of the new phones that is out in the market nowadays, the LG KU990 Viewty cellular phone.

The LG KU990 Viewty is a mobile phone that deserves everybody’s attention as it has the key features that every phone lovers need these days. First and foremost, the Read more »

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