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Palm Treo 500v

Palm Treo 500v

Newer versions of mobile phones are being made to cater to the more intimate needs of the user. Every cell phone has a specific feature that may be designed to your advantage. As our technology grows, the mobile industry also takes a step further.

Treo is not new to these upgrades and technological demands. In fact, it has recently released the Palm Treo 500v. It is the newer version of the smartphone; which vodaphone recently launched around the world, especially in Europe.

Palm Treo 500v Construction and Design

The Treo 500v is designed to be a bit similar than the recent Palm Centro. This is not intended to deceive anyone because these two, though similar in design, are still very different from each other. In fact, the Treo 500v has two distinct color schemes you can choose from. This would be the ‘Charcoal Grey’ and ‘Glacier White’ colors. The Treo 500v is also a thinner Read more »

Palm Treo 680

Palm Treo 680

Palm Treo 680: We have been discussing Palm Treo personal digital assistants in our reviews. The company never failed its customers in a single feature. With companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and specially Sony Ericsson coming up with cell phone with 'all in one' multimedia capabilities, Palm Treo continues its trend to provide users the best for the minimum price.

The 680 by Palm Treo was announced in October 2006 and was released at the end of November. The device comes in traditional Palm Treo style. The available colors are graphite, crimson, arctic and copper. However graphite was sold a lot because it was the only color on the Cingular package.

The multimedia pocket device measure 4.4x2.3x0.8 inches; and 5 and a half ounces by weight. Like all the previous versions of Palm Treo, the PDA is light and easy to work around with.

Palm Treo 680 got a good support to display graphics. The 2.5 inch touch sensitive screen show 64K color which seem to be a little less as compared to its other rivals. Unlike less Read more »

Palm Treo 700w

Palm Treo 700w

Palm Treo 700w: Palm Treo w series was introduced with an intention to create an all in one Personal digital assistant which can support various general purpose and multimedia applications. The series was started with Palm Treo 700w.

Palm Treo physical measurements came out good enough to declare it a sleek device in Personal digital assistant category. 4.4 by 2.3 by 0.9 inches and weight slightly lower than 6 and a half ounces, gives PDA a solid construction and just perfect for business and corporate use. Charcoal black and sliver combination suits Palm Treo very well.

The screen quality is not that much good as compared to other specifications of 700w but still showing 65000 colors at resolution of 240x240 seem to work. We got the keys over the PDA sorted as the functional and application keys at the top surrounding the 5 way navigation key and character keys aligned in four horizontal rows. Left spine of the PDA contains volume Read more »

Palm Treo 700wx

Palm Treo 700wx

Palm Treo 700wx: Palm Treo has been providing personal digital assistants (PDAs) with high quality and quantity of features. The 700wx of this very company was released with some new and unique features as compared to its successors eg Palm Treo 700w.

The PDA can be used as a mobile modem for a laptop, on the way for businessmen. The PDA supports wi fi as well so network connections aren't any problems if one have Palm Treo 700wx in his hand.

Palm Treo 700wx has a sporty style with size roughly measured as 5.1 by 2.3by 0.9 inches and weight a little above 6.4 ounces. A buyer may argue on its bulky size but nowadays somewhat big PDA's look good and give a professional style.

The mobile device has a complete keyboard aligned in four lines horizontally and a navigational key at the top. The space distributions between the keys are well engineered and even a newbie to PDA wouldn't mistype much. . The left spine of of 700wx has customizable shortcut key and volume control keys. The infrared port ringer/silent button lie at the top. PDA has head Read more »

Palm Treo 700p

Palm Treo 700pPalm Treo 700p: The border of difference is disappearing between cell phones and pocket gadgets. However both still retain their identity and gadgets are continuously manufactured regardless whatever Nokia, Samsung, Motorola is contributing in cell phone manufacturing.

What we are going to review is Palm Treo 700p, an all purpose pocket communication device with physical dimensions of 58 x 129 x 58mm. The sophisticated PDA is available in charcoal grey color.

The built of this PDA is very much impressive and even after it's bigger than usual shape; it fits well in every pocket and hand.

The PDA has a QWERTY keyboard which comprises navigational key surrounded by conventional green and red button and talk, home, calendar and message buttons.

Below lie the 4 lines of keyboard characters. The left spine of the communicating device contains volume control keys and customizable shortcut key. The infrared port has its place on the top along with ringer/silent button. At the bottom, the PDA has jack for head set and multi connector port. The camera lens is on the back along Read more »