LG CU920

LG CU920

The LG CU920 is under AT&T. It is built similar to the Prada phone, with its 3 inch wide screen that is touch sensitive. It is said that its US counterpart will be updated with actual 3G support. Indeed, the mobile industry is the fastest growing market today. Various cell phones are being manufactured. It even gets better because pieces of the growing technology are slowly being implemented on the mobile phones that are now sold in the market.

The LG CU920 is no different from other mobiles that are coming out. It has features like video calling and internet capabilities that will pose as a big convenience in your lifestyle. It has camera and video functions that allow you to store unforgettable moments and events in your life. It is microSD compatible, which means that you can save as many memories and data as you like.

LG CU920 Camera and Display

The LG CU920 has an immobile built-in camera  with video capabilities as well. Aside from this it has video player functions. It has a resolution of 240 by 400 pixels with an active TFT of about 262,144 colors.

Moreover, you can connect to the outside world via MMS, SMS, E-mail and Instant Messaging. This is because of its advanced internal GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA functions. This is along with its HTML browser. It is even more exciting because the LG CU920 is Bluetooth and USB compatible.
Furthermore, composing text messages and e-mails are now a lot simpler and quicker because of the CU920's predictive text feature. You can make use of your extra time for more important things. Thus, you will not encounter any problems with storing your photos, videos and even data. This is because the LG CU920 is expansion memory enabled. This means that you can have an external memory through a microSD card. Since your music player is also supported with an MP3 function, you can also store as much MP3 music as you like.

For those who love games, you don't need to worry because the LG CU920 is capable of downloading Java games. Aside from that, when on a voice call, you can opt to use its speaker phone function. You can also record voice messages with the LG CU920.

LG CU920 Design and Accessories

The LG CU920 is a handheld mobile that features a 3 inch wide screen that is touch sensitive. It has keys on its front side but it's only a few keys to make use of. Moreover, the LG CU920 comes with a Li-Ion battery that is proven to be long lasting. You can have up to 4 hours of actual talk time and up to 300 hours of actual stand by time.

The LG CU920 also has an internal antenna. It is also roaming enabled. This means that the LG CU920 can be applied for a roaming function via your phone provider. Its 3G technology and quadband attribute makes it very ideal for travel usage. This is because the mobile will attempt to access 4 sites for signal purposes. This is a lot better than the previous dualband and triband attributes. This also means that through its quadband feature, you don't need to worry about losing your signal. You will have better chances of getting a good signal, when traveling, than those who have only dualband and triband phones.

Another good thing about the LG CU920 would be its video calling feature. This function lets you see the person on the other end of the line. This is a very good thing for international business transactions. Aside from that, seeing your loved one on the other end won't cause you too much loneliness just because you are working hundreds of miles away.

Other added features of the LG CU920 would be its organizer functions. This means that the CU920 has capabilities for calendar, calculator, alarm and memo pages. Its phonebook supports caller groups and multiple numbers for each contact function. It is also ring ID and picture ID enabled.

Summary of LG CU920 Features

  • Network: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS850, UMTS1900 (Quadband)
  • Screen Resolution: 240 x 400 pixels, Active TFT 262,144 colors supported
  • Data: GPRS + EDGE + HSDPA
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Web Browser: WAP 2.0, xHTML, 3GPP
  • Music: Music Player, Video Player, MP3
  • Messaging: MMS, SMS, E-mail
  • Expansion Slot: compatible with microSD format
  • Tones: polyphonic and true tones
  • Software Features: Calculator, Sync, Java Games, Themes
  • Other Features: Speaker phone, Voice command, Memo, Vibration, Picture ID, Ring ID, Predictive Text
  • Battery: Li-Ion

Pros: The best feature of the LG CU920 would be its internet accessibility, 3G, quadband and video calling capabilities. With its internet access, you can send e-mails and Instant Messages. You can also easily surf for games and videos. With its quadband functions, roaming and signal access is no longer a problem for you when you travel. With its 3G and video calling attributes, you can see the person calling you. This is also a good way to filter the calls you get.

Cons: The LG CU920 has not yet been released in the market. Thus, it will be available sometime soon. There is no current negative remark or feedback given about the CU920. The only thing, for now, would be its black color. It may be best if there are varieties, instead of the usual black casing.

Overall: The LG CU920 has a lot to offer with its 3G and HSDPA tandem. It offers a lot of conveniences, especially for those who travel a lot. This is also one phone you can use for your transactions anywhere in the globe. Many young professionals will really get a good deal with this CU920. It has everything you would want in a modernized mobile. Aside from that, you can actually store as many photos, videos and data as you deem necessary. You can also upload your videos and photos very easily. Aside from the internet, its Bluetooth and USB accessibility will guarantee you safe and faster downloads. Thus, the LG CU920 may prove to be practical and convenient for you, personally and business wise.


  1. Jaquelin L, 27. July 2010, 13:53

    I think this phone is dreadful. It was recommended to me when I purchased a new at&t plan and I have had endless issues with it. Firstly, the touch screen is sometimes too sensitive and other times not sensitive enough. When I answer a call and place the devide to my ear it immediately transfers to voicemail – most annoying. Yet, when I need to text the touch screen is not accurate when I type.
    Another issue – I transferred my phonebook from my previous sim card on the phone. This phone will not allow those numbers to be quicksearched. Instead I have to scroll one by one down my phone list to find a number.
    I am very disappointed with tis phone.

  2. Lok Geet Nepali, 16. August 2010, 23:22

    I am the next disappointed user of this phone.This phone needs authentication check before each network access if we use any softwares installed manually.Also there is no WIFI system that I needed the most.We can also not set a ringtone to a music phone larger than 300 KB(approx)..
    There is no Radio Service too.
    The charging port also sometimes gets loose.
    Badly Disappointed.

  3. Daun, 1. September 2010, 21:15

    i too have to agree. my daugther has this phone and after only 80 texts you have to delete. then you cant save any of them to the memory card. screen all the time you touch one letter and it picks something else. screen freezes up ot. have to take battery apart and start over

  4. Reuben, 6. September 2010, 12:35

    Guys, LG CU is a good phone- all comments that i read was not true- you just dont know how to operate the phone guys. Wifi cabale- automatically saves on the memory card.

  5. steve, 11. September 2010, 8:46

    Had this phone over a year now. Was fine when newer but now its lousy. The touch screen flakes almost constantly. I try to dial, push ‘3’, phone thinks I’m pushing ‘9’, I touch an an icon on the menu and nothing happens, etc. Spent a 1/2 hour with AT&T support, reset default settings, took out battery, recalibrated touch screen, same problems come right back. OK when newer but dont expect this phone to last. One star.

  6. kofi, 24. September 2010, 18:24

    why cannot set music as ringtone?also why are music downloaded not on music file but on ringtones?

  7. black_Birds, 2. October 2010, 12:54

    LG CU 920 can be use only in US , not in India ?
    No network , no internet working & manual searching of Network everytime!!

  8. Pals, 16. October 2010, 9:55

    Lg 920 look is best but working is bed. Can be us not in india, network prob, not internet, theme, tv.

  9. AMUSA LUQMQN OLAMI, 4. November 2010, 14:03

    my constrain over this phone LG CU-920 is that how can some one operate the mobile tv on it pls if u can raely help …I realy love the phone, great faetures !

  10. seyi, 8. November 2010, 5:24

    pls the lg cu920 is not working with internet but it will be trying to connect to at&t and the tv is not working in Nigeria pls what can do.

  11. mary, 17. November 2010, 1:08

    Excellent Phone, compatible with iPhone 3G and Samsung Instinct, I did some research before purchasing, which by the way I did at pashacell.com. Very fast service, I received it in three days, would definitely recommend both the phone and the site.

  12. Sneha, 8. December 2010, 14:40

    I really like this phone but touch screen suddenly stopped working. Its very frustrating!!!!!

  13. joshua, 8. December 2010, 23:43

    i hope that i can use the enternet connection here in the philippines. i love LG cu920!!!

  14. deborah, 27. December 2010, 16:26

    every time i place or receive a call…the phone tells me to insert the sim card…
    when charging the phone, the same thing happens…
    i’ve switched the phone twice and the same thing happened.

    dreadfully disappointed.

  15. rafi, 28. December 2010, 8:58

    I bought cu920 in US and brought it India. I have taken BSNL 3G connection. I am not getting access to internet or any other 3g services what should I do

  16. Cristine, 30. December 2010, 20:37

    I too have this phone, and i’m also having problems w/ this the same w/ the others too. The screen does freeze a lot, the touch screen is sometimes either too much or too less sensitive, and i don’t get why it has to load so long to unlock it and open it.
    I just hope to get the hang of it so i don’t have to switch phones anymore

  17. Lamarge, 2. January 2011, 21:37

    This Cellphone have WiFI?

  18. Jehansher khan, 13. January 2011, 5:04

    I’he also this phone and in Pakisatn i’m also facing 3G problem…. is there any other way?

  19. ben, 19. January 2011, 6:52

    i hate this phone nothing seems to be working well in ghana

  20. oluwatobi, 20. January 2011, 16:01

    the tv s not woking and i has no radio

  21. S.Ramamurthy, 21. January 2011, 3:45

    I brought this phone from US, got it unlocked here in India and obtained local simcard. It is working normally, ofcourse with occasional freezing as described by other users. I am not getting internet, e.mails

  22. JB, 22. January 2011, 2:59

    i want to use internet ,plz help me for at&t cu920 GPRS settings.

  23. Vikram, 27. January 2011, 15:36

    One piece of advice – If you are trying this phone outsite Atnt US, please check with your local service provider for the phone support. I would say before buying this phone, we should check with local service provider compatibility.

    I could get internet working on it in India, but TV is not supported by my service provider.
    The problem is more with the service provider than with LG.
    Ask your service provider to support this phone, maybe it will help.

    Anyway TV feature is not much useful as mobile data packages are quite expensive still.

  24. Dipendra Shrestha, 18. February 2011, 4:44

    i have this phone in Nepal. How to add the music in Music player. Music player cannot play songs continuously why?

    I bought cu920 in US and brought it Nepal. I have taken NTC connection. I am not getting access to internet with GPRS system, so plz, send the configriation of setting GPRS system in this address

  25. ZUBAIR, 3. March 2011, 16:30

    This phone is so bed apply ringtones only 256 KB

  26. sanket, 6. March 2011, 3:42

    i want gprs setting

  27. Raj, 6. March 2011, 4:53

    I have also this phone.my internet is working with tata docomo.but problem is battery backup now it is damged if u have any idea to purchase battery in india plz tel me

  28. Enyo Akogume, 6. March 2011, 11:01

    LG CU920 sucks, no wifi, no 3G, plays only 3gp videos, and an annoying limit to the size of ringtones. In 2011? I’m sooooooo disappointed.

  29. sujan, 31. March 2011, 7:40

    i could not play music continously in lg cu920 plz help…..

  30. Abhi, 18. June 2011, 2:15

    To get the GPRS setting .. KIndly contact your mobile service provider. They will send the setting and you just need to save them….
    More over, this phone has disappointed me alot… There are lot of issues with this phone…. Touch screen , music not working … Only good point about the mobile is its looks.


  31. Tony, 25. June 2011, 13:42

    3g problem in nigeria n the mobiletv nt wrkin

  32. Ayandipo Olanrewaju, 7. July 2011, 11:40

    This is serious… Have been disappointed by all the comments above. Well as for me, I have not found some errors written above…. the only problem i noticed with my new Lg 920 is that you cant set any ringing tone of your choice from the Musics you have on your phone except those made with the Phone. More so, i noticed that applications installed manually are not working and the applications on the Phone like the AIM instant messanger, yahoo, e-mail etc. Then the mobile TV is not having service in Nigeria. It is so Disgusting that LG one of the TOP producers of phone are just jumping up without perfection. Pls howsoever has anything to tell me to do to my phone.

    Thank you.

  33. ommy, 9. July 2011, 7:54

    i want to play music continously plz help me to cover out that problem


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