LG Voyager

LG Voyager

The mobile phone division of LG scores a big one with the LG Voyager. Tagged by many as the Apple iPhone killer because of its many advantages over the iPhone, expectations are already high, with iPhone aficionados' eyebrows raised even higher. But taking into consideration the functions of the Voyager versus the iPhone, it very well may be what could give Apple a run for its money.

First to be tested of course is the call functions of the Voyager. While call quality is overall good, for its price and hype, it does seem average. In fact, conference calling is lacking in the Voyager. The speaker independent voice dialing worked like a charm though. The speaker phone was also exceptional, with the sound coming out of the speaker heard loud and clear, although it would be better for the user to use the phone in its open position when using the hands free function as the sound diminishes once the phone is closed. But still, the sound comes out pretty decently. Call time is said to last for four hours and upon testing, a call lasted for considerably more than that which is good on anyone's book.

Using the LG Voyager's touch screen for messaging was quite a treat, but still LG Voyager Side it does not beat using the QWERTY keyboard for its speed. Doing so would require the user to open the phone though to reveal the “real” QWERTY keyboard. And such a shame as the onscreen keys on the Voyager looked very nice indeed. The phone also supports AOL, MSN and Yahoo for instant messaging and any new user will not have trouble figuring out how to do so with the Voyager. Aside from the usual text messages, the Voyager can also handle video and picture messages.

Music playback could not be any better on the Voyager and is in fact better than anything that Verizon Wireless ever developed. All the needed buttons can be found without having to open the phone and also has a lot of additional music playback functions. Scrubbing through a track may now be done so by dragging on the progress bar and was so needlessly fun that one may find himself scrubbing away just for kicks.

Music downloads on Verizon Wireless is quite expensive though and is trumped in this regard by iTunes much cheaper rates for music downloads for the iPhone. And although the Voyager has USB connectivity, transferring your tracks onto the phone won't start getting fun until you expand your memory with the Voyager being able to handle memory cards of up to 8 gigabytes.

The Voyager's GPS navigation also turned out very good and is one of the features that the Voyager can hold against the Apple iPhone. The GPS sensor was very strong even when indoors. Maps are easy to view and navigation loaded seamlessly and quickly. Try not to get lost though as the VZ Navigator may not be able to reroute you automatically. But a simple resetting and reloading of the Navigator should do the trick. But, be the navigation frustrating or not, the bottom line is the Voyager has it while the iPhone does not. That being said though, it could still benefit with some improvements.

LG Voyager Open Now, for its web browsing capabilities, LG Voyager does hold its own. The browser on this unit is very competent and pages are loaded without any problems. The iPhone's drag and fling navigation is admittedly better than that of the Voyager's, but a quick fix should be underway. But in any case, this little hitch can not be considered as the make or break moment in the Voyager's plight.

Of great interest to note is the haptic feedback function of the Voyager's onscreen QWERTY keyboard. This little function is not unlike the feedbacks on popular game consoles' controllers or game pads. What happens is the keyboard on the Voyager gives a bit of vibration making the user feel as though he / she is using a real QWERTY and not a touch screen one. While this may be just a fun factor to some, it does seem useful; for those who are new to typing on a touch screen.

LG Voyager Camera and Display

What came as a pleasant surprise with the Voyager are its camera functions. The images are rendered accurately, with rich and vibrant colors. Zooming in as expected brought about some noticeable noise in the pictures though, but it is the bane of every digital camera and camera phones in general and so is easily forgivable. But considering that the Voyager's integrated camera is only 2.0 mega pixels, the images that are produced by it can be more that what one might expect. A lot of image editing functions come with the Voyager and the QVGA video capturing capabilities fared very good as well.

Another nice feature that will be of great advantage over the Apple iPhone is the price. As of writing, the Voyager is listed at half the price of the iPhone and may very well influence the choice of many consumers.

LG Voyager Design and Accessories

The LG Voyager's design looks really cutting edge and would inspire a lot of onlookers to dream of having one as their own. Every little bit of its design screams high tech and its looks may be more than just a novelty or fad.

Summary of LG Voyager Features

  • Weight: 133 g
  • Width: 54 mm
  • Height: 118 mm
  • Thickness: 18 mm
  • Network: CDMA dual band (800 / 1900), 3G
  • Screen Resolution: (Main Display)LCD, 262,144 colors TFT display, 400 x 240 pixels, 2.81 inches, Touch Screen
  • Secondary Display: 240 x 400 pixels, TFT, 262,144 colors, 2.81 inches touch sensitive screen
  • Data: CDMA2000 1xRTT / 1xEV-DO rev.0
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (A2DP), USB
  • Web Browser: 3G services / VCAST / VZ Navigator
  • Music: MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+
  • Camera: 2.0 mega pixels resolution, 2.5x digital zoom, auto focus, 320 x 240 pixel video capture
  • Messaging: Voice Mail, SMS, MMS, Email
  • Expansion Slot: microSD / microSDHC
  • Tones: Polyphonic ringer, Vibrating Alert
  • Software Features: BREW
  • Other Features: QWERTY keyboard, predictive texting, GPS
  • Battery: 950 mAh, Up to 4 hours talk time, Up to 480 hours stand by time

PROS: When considering the pros over the Voyager's competition, an obvious one would be the price for it is much cheaper while having a lot more functions. The onscreen QWERTY keyboard on the LG Voyager, although a bit smaller than that of the competition, is always a treat to use.

CONS: Music downloads over at Verizon Wireless is almost double the price compared to iTunes. And the call quality is somewhat average.

Overall: In conclusion, if you must choose between the LG Voyager or the Apple iPhone, the obvious choice would be the LG Voyager as it has a lot more functions while tagged only at half the iPhone's price.

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