Motorola E690

Motorola E690

Motorola E690: We have been reviewing Nokia and Sony Ericsson most of the time but we have seen something from Motorola that deserve reviewing it. The news and information about Motorola E690 is spread on the internet like a virus. Everybody speculating about one of the advance hardware put forward by Motorola.

The smart phone looks to be of Apple's iPhone shape. The rectangular bar size is shown in charcoal black color with navigational control key at the bottom surrounded by 4 keys for major tasks.

The most important aspect of E690 is its operating system. E690 is controlled by Linux based environment capable of running most advance cell phone applications. It would also help increasing the security features which most the cell phone lacks.

Motorola E690 has got a massive display screen which is touch sensitive. The screen seems to be about 3 inches in diagonal however official specs are still awaited. Around 262K colors would what Motorola E690 would be capable to display on TFT at QVGA resolution.

The cell phone has 2mega-pixel camera at its back and most important for the PDA, it allows user to video conference as well.

The E690 smart phone is included with MP3/WMA/AAC/AMR audio player and supported RealVideo, MPEG4, H.263 video formats.

Motorola's E690 is having advance cell phone applications to run. It is included with Word/Excel/Powerpoint. And not only that, the cell phone is capable of recognizing user handwriting. Obviously their would be applications for that as well.

The overall impression of the cell phone leaves us with positive hopes about the device. Although it seem to be a business class oriented PDA but the actual price would determine where the device stands in front of a middle class user.

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