Motorola RIZR Z10

Motorola RIZR Z10

There are a lot of mobile phones being featured in the market every month. Perhaps, the cell phone industry is already the most sought after market when it comes to having the latest and most innovative gadgets in the metro scene.

Motorola is amongst the many mobile brands that come up with a new and high tech device from time to time. The latest addition would be the Motorola RIZR Z10.

Motorola RIZR Z10 Specifications

The Motorola RIZR Z10 is a 3G quadband phone that will surely give you the time of your life. It weighs about 115 grams. Its vitals are 16.5mm x 50mm x 109mm. This is for its depth, width and height respectively.

The Motorola RIZR Z10 comes packed with a camera that has about 3.2 megapixels; along with an autofocus feature. For its video capabilities, it can accommodate recordings of up to 30 fps. This is at 320 by 240 pixels in about 2.2 inches with 16 million actual color displays. This is along with a glass that is touch resistant.Motorola RIZR Z10 Side

The RIZR Z10 will practically do everything; from capturing up to editing or even sharing multimedia from the phone device directly. It can also be regarded as a "compact phone film studio amazingly power-packed with the next generation of 3G technology in a unique and ergonomic kick-slider actual design".

Aside from capturing high quality videos, you can also edit the footages you've taken. You can even add visual effects, soundtrack1 and some commentaries. With the RIZR Z10, you also have the privilege to select your sharing preferences; so as to have your videos and photos instantly published on sites like Google, YouTube, Shozu and Yahoo. What makes it convenient is that you don't need to plug your phone to an actual computer just to be able to download these videos and photos. The RIZR Z10 is equipped with the HSDPA, 3.5G and Symbian UIQ technology. This only means that you are given the smooth service; as well as the smooth experience to enjoy your choice of direct media via a wireless connection that will help you upload your favorite photos and movies to the website directly. Another thing about the Motorola RIZR Z10 is that it is compatible with the following:

  1. AAC
  2. AMR
  3. AAC+
  4. WMA
  5. MP3
  6. 3GPP
  7. H.264
  8. H.263
  9. MPEG4

It also comes bundled with a 32GB microSD card and a TFT color-display. It also has a Lithium-Ion battery and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Motorola RIZR Z10 Summary of Features:

  1. Video capabilities
  2. Media capabilities
  3. Glossy black case
  4. Kick-slider opening mechanism
  5. 3G
  6. Large QVGA screen
  7. Displays up to 16 million colors
  8. Screen resolution is 240 x 320 pixels
  9. Symbian 9.2 OS
  10. Series 60 ver. 3.1 software
  11. Built-in EGDE technology
  12. Equipped with a mini USB port
  13. Bluetooth capabilities
  14. Internal memory: 77 Mbytes
  15. Up to 32 GB microSD card compatible
  16. Quad band: covers 4 GSM networks via HSDPA
  17. Built-in camera with 3.2 megapixels
  18. Autofocus, Xenon flash and Auto save features for camera
  19. 2nd camera for 3G video calls
  20. Mobile film studio
  21. MP3 or polyphonic ring tones
  22. SMS text messaging capability
  23. EMS enhanced messaging capability
  24. MMS multimedia messaging capability
  25. IM and email capabilities capability
  26. Built-in WAP browser
  27. Fully charged battery can guarantee up to 5 hours of talk time

Motorola RIZR Z10 2The Motorola RIZR Z10 can really offer a lot to its user. It will give you the convenience of having everything in this one sleek gadget. With the RIZR Z10, not only will you be able to talk to your friend, but you can also send them an SMS, EMS or MMS. You can now send IM or email to your business associates very easily.

The RIZR Z10 also allows you to capture wonderful moments through its video and photo capabilities. You can take videos, and you can even edit the videos immediately. Aside from this, its 2nd camera allows you to view the person you are talking to. This is through its video calling feature. All these and so much more can be attained through the RIZR Z10.

Pros: The Motorola RIZR Z10's 2.2 inch QVGA Screen is really very chick and doesn't pose any problem for those who have eye issues. The camera is very convenient to use because of its autofocus and auto save features. If it's dark, it already has a Xenon flash. Its burst mode allows you to take succeeding shots. Its video recording capabilities is really something else. You can record, edit, add sound, and have it streamed. It's amazing what high tech phones can offer you these days.

When it comes to voice calls, it offers the most advanced system. Imagine seeing the person you are talking to. This is through its video calling feature. If you are more into sending text messages, the RIZR Z10 has the most up-to-date system. Aside from sending SMS, you also have the option to use either EMS or MMS. Since it has a predictive text feature, composing messages can be done at a much faster rate. Email and IM are also good options to keep in touch with family, friends and associates.

The sound system is very clear. Volume can be adjusted. You can even leave a voice memo. Aside from this, the RIZR Z10 is also capable of game downloads.

For connections to the outside world, there are a few you can choose from. This would be via EDGE, 3G HSDPA, and Bluetooth with A2DP; along with GPRS and mini USB. The internet would be through XHTML and WAP.

If you will be bringing this when you travel, it should not pose a problem. This is because of its quad band feature. It can cover up to 4 GSM networks through HSDPA. The RIZR Z10 also comes with a handsfree speaker.

Cons: There hasn't been any negative remark about the Motorola RIZR Z10. The only comment was to have it in a different color. Instead of the usual glossy black case, ladies are requesting to have it in red or pink. For its video calling feature, you can only use it if the party you are calling also has that video calling feature.

Overall: The Motorola RIZR Z10 is a great mobile. This cell phone is not only designed to cater to the younger generation, it is more inclined to those in the business field as well. The equipped advanced technology of this mobile, allows you to experience the conveniences that goes with it.

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