Palm Treo 700wx

Palm Treo 700wx

Palm Treo 700wx: Palm Treo has been providing personal digital assistants (PDAs) with high quality and quantity of features. The 700wx of this very company was released with some new and unique features as compared to its successors eg Palm Treo 700w.

The PDA can be used as a mobile modem for a laptop, on the way for businessmen. The PDA supports wi fi as well so network connections aren't any problems if one have Palm Treo 700wx in his hand.

Palm Treo 700wx has a sporty style with size roughly measured as 5.1 by 2.3by 0.9 inches and weight a little above 6.4 ounces. A buyer may argue on its bulky size but nowadays somewhat big PDA's look good and give a professional style.

The mobile device has a complete keyboard aligned in four lines horizontally and a navigational key at the top. The space distributions between the keys are well engineered and even a newbie to PDA wouldn't mistype much. . The left spine of of 700wx has customizable shortcut key and volume control keys. The infrared port ringer/silent button lie at the top. PDA has head Read more »

Samsung SCH-A990

Samsung SCH-A990

Samsung SCH-A990: Previously, we had cell phones with only two features, call making and text messaging. Later on we got cell phones with some minimum of software applications, games etc. Nowadays we got cell phone hard ware became so much complex, it includes everything from camera to mp3 playing and GPS and FM capabilities. Samsung became the first cell phone manufacturer to ever introduce a 3.2 mega pixel camera in a cell phone SCH-A990.

The smart little flip open has size measure of At 3.8 by 1.8 by 0.8 inches and weight around 4 and a half ounces. The flip can be twisted up to 180 degrees clock wise. The left spine contains music control buttons, headset port and SD expansion slot.

The multimedia SCH-A990 cell phone has 1.25 inch external screen capable of showing 65K colors. The inner screen is as usual bigger with size of 2.2inch and Read more »

Nokia 7380

Nokia 7380

Nokia 7380: With introduction of L'Amour fashioned cell phones by Nokia, the cell phone making trend changed from normal candy bar style cell phones to mobile sets which don't look a communicating device either. Without any usual keypad or regular looks, Nokia 7380 seem to be a fashion accessory rather than a mobile phone.

The lipstick shape 7380 weighs as low as 2.8 ounces with dimensions as 4.5by 1.2 by 0.8 inches. It is very comfortable while in hand as well as ear. The cell phone has a good mechanism for sim card insertion which lies on the left spine. The head set slot, battery charger port lies conventionally at the bottom. Read more »

Palm Treo 700p

Palm Treo 700pPalm Treo 700p: The border of difference is disappearing between cell phones and pocket gadgets. However both still retain their identity and gadgets are continuously manufactured regardless whatever Nokia, Samsung, Motorola is contributing in cell phone manufacturing.

What we are going to review is Palm Treo 700p, an all purpose pocket communication device with physical dimensions of 58 x 129 x 58mm. The sophisticated PDA is available in charcoal grey color.

The built of this PDA is very much impressive and even after it's bigger than usual shape; it fits well in every pocket and hand.

The PDA has a QWERTY keyboard which comprises navigational key surrounded by conventional green and red button and talk, home, calendar and message buttons.

Below lie the 4 lines of keyboard characters. The left spine of the communicating device contains volume control keys and customizable shortcut key. The infrared port has its place on the top along with ringer/silent button. At the bottom, the PDA has jack for head set and multi connector port. The camera lens is on the back along Read more »

Nokia N73

Nokia N73

Nokia N73: Nokia's famous N series open new door ways for the next generation multimedia cell phones. N73 is successor to N70, which already attracted large number of buyers since it was introduced first.

Nokia N73 has got a beautiful sporty look and a bit of variety is available as far as the color of the cell phone is concerned. We saw silver combination with the plum one. And a stylish looking white with metallic red. The cell comes in physical measurements of 4.3 by 1.9 by 0.7 inches and weight of about 4 ounces. It would seem quiet bulky to the readers but it is fairly sleek and it feels good while in hand.

The cell phone got camera shutter key on the right spine followed by a volume control which also acts like zoom in/out function key for the pictures. The mini SD card expansion Read more »

Sony Ericsson K800i

Sony Ericsson K800i

Sony Ericsson K800i: Sony Ericsson started the K series about 5 years ago with introduction of K300i which dominated the market with feature of "unlimited video recording". The series continues to attract cell phone freaks as Sony Ericsson merger extending the series with cell phones like K800i.

800i comes in grey black combination and looks like a James Bond's high technology cell phone. In fact it really is a high tech cell phone with size measure of 4.1 by 1.9 by 0.9 inches and a weight a little above 4 ounces. The black candy bar cell phone feels good while holding on.

The left spine of K800i holds a place for music player key and additional memory slot. The right spine contains volume control button and a shutter for the cell phone camera. On the Read more »

Nokia 7370

Nokia 7370

Nokia 7370: Nokia have always applied new and innovative things in cell phones, with L'Amour fashion phone line, Nokia generated a lot of revenue by introducing cell phone like 7370.

Nokia 7370 doesn't look like a cell phone because of its small screen and 'no keyboard' feature. The swivel designed cell phone comes in brown and amber color. The cell phone has normal dimensions of 3.5 by 1.7 by 0.9inches and weighs about 3.7 ounces. The swivel mechanism works fine but looks a bit odd that's why the price of 7370 rapidly decreased after it was first introduced.

The cell phone can show more than 260K colors on its 2inch good quality screen which has got the resolution of 240x320.

The volume control has its place on the left spine of cell phone while the Read more »

Nokia 7360

Nokia 7360

Nokia 7360: Nokia being the largest mobile manufacturer in the world usually come up with mobiles that are engineered to function well rather than look good. However trend changed when we got Nokia 7360 in market.

The cell phone targeted those buyers who want to have a different style mobile cell phone. The luxury cell phone with physical dimensions 105 x 45 x 18mm and weight around 92g is not cumbersome to use either. The cell phone feels good in palms and is quiet comfortable while grabbing.

Nokia 7360 has got a 128 x 160-pixel screen that is able to process 65000 colors at good quality but not that much good, as compared to Nokia's unique standards.

The cell phone has got a decent camera. The camera quality is low as compared to cell phones cameras of mega pixel power. However 7360 camera is way better than vga Read more »

Nokia N80

Nokia N80

Nokia N80: Nokia N80 is one of the first cell phones that were introduced to initiate N series. Based on the 60 Series, the cell phone gained the attention of potential buyers soon enough to ensure the n series market value.

Nokia N80, a slider phone and obviously a robust one, since it is run through symbian. The quad band good looking cell phone is available in black charcoal color as well as stainless steal. N80 outer physical dimensions are 3.7 by 1.9 by 1.0 inches. And with weight a little over 4.7 ounces, the cell is very much compact but thick in a tight pants pocket.

The N80 slider has a screen quality best as ever. The 2.2 inch screen has a resolution of 325x416 and can display 256k colors. Like all slide phones, Nokia N80 has a Read more »

Sony Ericsson K790

Sony Ericsson K790

Sony Ericsson K790: The first in cell phone manufacturer minds are normally, not to introduce each and everything at its best, or other wise who will buy new mobile when its features are already present? Sony Ericsson deviate itself from this rule though.

Sony Ericsson K790a is a candy bar cell phone with a sleek design but with physical dimensions of 4.1 by 1.9 by 0.9 inches and weight of around 4.1ounces. K790a looks solid and compact and is available in black and grey combination color. The cell phone has a soothing effect on palms while holding.

Left of the cell phone comprises of a music player button and micro SD card slot. The right consists of a camera shutter and volume control. Changing the view to the back, one can Read more »

Samsung MM-A900 (SPH-A900)

Samsung MM-A900

Samsung MM-A900 (SPH-A900): With huge success of Motorola Razor V3, cell phone companies converge on the new trend that Razor settled. Samsung was the first one to reproduce its own version of Razor by introducing MM-A900 in the market. No doubt Samsung was highly successful in eliminating the few lacks in its rival and made an "all in one" cell phone.

MM-A900 is a fashioned, flip open cell phone available in charcoal black. It is sleek and slim. The cell phone body dimensions are 3.9' by 2.0' a slightly bigger than its rival. It also weighs a bit more than Razor i-e 103 grams. The slightly bigger design has an advantage, that It can be realized vibrating while on the move.

The external display can show up to 65K colors and can also act as a viewfinder to take self portraits. Moving upward, an LED is placed which blinks for an incoming call and Read more »

Nokia N95

Nokia N95

Nokia N95: Since the arrival of N-series, Nokia has rocked the smart phone market alive. With cell phones like N95, one can simply have an all in one mobile solution.

We will take a brief look at the phone major capabilities beside the normal phone calls, text messages and cam etc.

N95 is for music oriented minds, although it has not been mentioned by Nokia officially, nor you will find N95 TV commercials emphasizing that.

But when you open the cool looking black package, you will find Nokia N95 kit rich with musical components like 3,5mm audio jack meant for custom headphone, i-e other headphones that are not Nokia branded. Read more »

LG CU500

LG CU500

LG CU500: Today's cell phone market is loaded with cell phones similar to famous Razor by Motorola. The LG CU500 is one of them, but a matter of fact, LG CU500 easily beats its rivals as far as functionality, reliability and performance is concern.

LG CU500, multimedia dream hardware is flip open, Quad band cell phone with dimensions 3.80" (H) x 1.95" (W) x 0.76" (D) and weight of about 3.70 oz. The cell phone comes in different colors such as black, grey and other chrome colors.

External LCD can display 65k colors at resolution of 96x96 pixels. The internal screen is bigger i-e has resolution of 176×220 Pixels and is able to process 256k colors.

Below the external LCD lie basic soft music controls of play/pause, stop, forward etc. The volume control keys are located on the side. Read more »

Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola Razr V3

Motorola Razr V3: With success of V series, Motorola assigned its engineers for another project named razor. It was all about to design and create a cell phone thin and metallic.

The cell phone seems to be a PDA at first glance. The main reason behind the name "Razor" was the cell phone's thickness of only 14mm. Touching the top edge will remind you morning shave. Yes! it looks that much sharp. Making a cell phone with metal alloy body, sleek and slim, and having less weight, was a real difficult task to do. But considering the fact that Motorola Razr V3 weighs not more than 100g, we must appreciate the efforts of V3 designers and engineers.

Keypad is made of metal alloy as well. The external display can process 4096 colors with resolution 98x64 pixels. The internal 2 inch display can support Read more »

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