Sony Ericsson W810i

Sony Ericsson W810iSony Ericsson W810i: Being the pioneer of mobile phones with walkman capabilities, Sony Ericsson still leads the mp3 marathon. Sony Ericsson gained a lot of market with the introduction of W800. W810i is the next one in the assembly line. The W810i enriched kit provides you everything to run the cell phone smoothly. This 97gram device fits well in anybody's palms with dimensions 100x46x19.5 mm. W810i comes in only one color and that is charcoal black.

W810i has 2 mega pixel camera lens at the back and shutter at the right side, so the picture quality is obvious considering 2MP. Want to take pictures in the dark? Don't worry coz flash is also built in W810i. Hardware of W810i is very much sophisticated, with everything placed Read more »

Samsung SCH-u740


Samsung SCH-u740: Samsung always provide the best for the least. SCH-u740 follows the tradition.

Sporty as well as fashioned looking SCH-u740 weighs about 3.6 ounces and just 0.5 inches thick. This flip open cell phone works on tri band and has dual display. External display is 1.1 inch and can show basic operations without flip opening the phone again and again. The main screen is brilliant 2.2 inches with resolution of 176x200 pixels. SCH-u740 comes in silver, black or white colors.

On the back, just above the external display lie a good quality 1.3 MP camera which supports 1280 x 960 pixel resolution. And not only that, it comes with flash as well to take high quality snaps in dark. One can also record video clips with SCH-u740. However the Read more »

Nokia N90

Nokia N90
Nokia N90: With huge success of Nokia 60 series, N90 adds new taste in Nokia's grooming market.

Mainly based on series 60, Nokia N90 works with tri band and WCDMA network. The 173gram N90 is big, heavy duty, reliable cell phone like all other Nokia smart phones. However handles fit in palm with dimensions 112 x 51 x 24 mm. The phone has two screens, and folded. Twisting could be done as well.

Nokia N90 comes with 2.0 MP Carl Zeiss lens on its top for snap freaks. The cell phone can zoom up to massive 8X. Camera quality is standard in itself. capture button is dedicated to snap or start recording the video. The external display is 128x128 and can display 65k colors. The original N90 screen display resolution is 353x416 pixels and can differentiate between 256k colors. The cam automatically adjusts its settings when taking a snap Read more »

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