Nokia 2690

Nokia 2690 Nokia has been introducing new models periodically. The new Nokia 2690 is a low-budget GSM phone. This Candy Bar mobile comes with a great list of features. The handset is pocket friendly weighing somewhere under 81 grams.

It is available in 4 attractive colors including Graphite, silver, hot pink and blue. It features a 1.8 inch TFT screen with audio, video players and Internet access. Other device features include FM radio, GPRS support and MMS support.

Design and Dimensions

Nokia 2690 is a medium-sized sleek handset that fits snugly in all standard size pockets. The front and back of this great looking phone is made of glossy plastic. The keypad is made of a glossy black plastic. The back part of the phone has a grid like pattern to improve the grip.  Read more »

BlackBerry Bold 9650

BlackBerry Bold 9650 The BlackBerry Bold 9650 is one of the newest models introduced by RIM, a popular Canadian mobile phone manufacturer. The Bold 9650 is a world phone, so inside it is the sim card- something not found on many Verizon phones.

Along with the phone one can find the power adapter with tips for several parts of the world plus a good looking carrying case and a wired headset. With a host of interesting features like optical trackpad, Wi-Fi, international roaming capabilities, 512MB internal memory and BlackBerry OS 5.0 this Smartphone sets a new standard for CDMA – based BlackBerrys. At present the Bold 9650 retails through Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

Design and Dimensions

The Bold 9650 measures 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches. It weighs about 4.8 ounces. The body of the Bold 9650 integrates a muted chrome bezel with a smooth black rubbery, textured plastic. It is the texture that lends the phone an in-hand feel. It has a 2.4-inches 480 x 360-pixel display screen. Read more »

LG Imprint MN240

LG Imprint MN240 At first glance, the LG Imprint MN 240 looks identical to the Kin One Slider but actually it is the sibling of LG’s Remarq. This pocket –sized handset is equipped with features that help people to remain connected. This sleek and stylish slide phone has a full QWERTY keyboard, a variety of messaging functionality and support for email. Its ultra-compact design along with its extensive multimedia is sure to woo customers.

This is the ideal device for those who wish to possess a headset with an easy to use interface that would allow them to remain connected with friends, colleagues and family. LG Imprint also organizes SMS conversations in the form of threaded messages. This feature displays text messages in conversation format. The handset also offers Pocket Express feature delivering the most recent news, travel  Read more »

Sony Ericsson T707

Sony Ericsson T707 The Sony Ericsson T707 is the latest addition to the T-series but is very different from its predecessors. Codenamed Elle, the Sony Ericsson T707 is a fashionable breath of fresh air being the first flip phone in the series. According to one of the product designers, the T707 was inspired by the rainbow and the multitude of colors means it would certainly be impressive.

Some of the color options include spring rose and lucid blue. The interesting light effects, ripple patterns, external screen lend a distinctive personality to this otherwise moderately priced phone. This upbeat and stylish handset intends to capture the fancy of the younger generation but it is a phone for all ages. If bling is your thing and you love matching your accessories with your outfit the Sony Ericsson T707 is the phone for you.

Design and Dimensions

The Sony Ericsson T707 is 14.1mm thick and Read more »

Nokia 5250

Nokia 5250 Each of Nokia's touchscreen phones are getting bigger and better. Every new model introduced in the market combines a host of amazing new elements. Nokia has always been known for introducing the best gadgets in the market and with the invention of smartphones Nokia has gotten the edge to stay ahead in the competition.

Nokia phones are usually quite cheap but lately Nokia has been coming up with phones that are arguably the best- although they tend to burn a hole in ones pocket! However, the new Nokia 5250 not only combines some of the best features but is also moderately priced. This is one such model that makes you want to give it a second look. Whether it is the looks, the design,  Read more »

LG Venus - VX8800

LG Venus

After a number of several impressive handsets offered by LG in the past couple of years, they are at it once more with the LG Venus VX8800, or known simply as the LG Venus. And Venus could not have been a more fitting name as this little device screams beauty and grace when viewed at any angle. It has a uniquely designed dual display with a touch sensitive screen. And what we love in its design is extended all the way under its skin. It has loads of features that will definitely make this phone a must have for those looking for a mobile phone with both beauty and brains, so to Read more »

Samsung SGH-T809

Samsung SGH-T809 Samsung follows in Motorola's footsteps with the SGH-T809, and does a very good job of it, much to the chagrin of consumers looking for other slim handsets without having to buy Motorola's flagship phone, the RAZR, since it seems everybody already have. Unlike the RAZR though, the T809 is a slider phone and as such, the slimness seemed like a miracle. And do not get fooled by its size as the T809 is mightily packed with great features that would definitely inspire a purchase consideration for many people. The T809's svelte features can not be appreciated fully when viewed straight on though, as this view makes it look a bit bulky. That is until you start turning it to its side when its 1.52 cm thickness makes you wonder how so many features can be crammed in such a slim handset.

The Samsung T809 comes with its own MP3 player and can playback tracks that are stored on either the internal shared Read more »

Motorola RIZR Z3

Motorola RIZR Z3

The Motorola RIZR Z3 is being tagged by most people as the slide version of the very popular Motorola RAZR phones. And rightly so as the RIZR Z3 does resemble the build and character of the RAZR and even share a lot with regards to its looks and function. It must be noted that the RIZR Z3 is the first slider design from Motorola to be offered to the European and American market.

It is a handset that is both pleasing to view and hold as it is a great piece of technology engulfed by steel and rubber casing, giving it a very solid and sturdy feel, regardless of its dimensions. Although definitely not the world's slimmest Read more »

LG CU920

LG CU920

The LG CU920 is under AT&T. It is built similar to the Prada phone, with its 3 inch wide screen that is touch sensitive. It is said that its US counterpart will be updated with actual 3G support. Indeed, the mobile industry is the fastest growing market today. Various cell phones are being manufactured. It even gets better because pieces of the growing technology are slowly being implemented on the mobile phones that are now sold in the market.

The LG CU920 is no different from other mobiles that are coming out. It has features like video calling and internet capabilities that will pose as a big convenience in your lifestyle. It has camera and video functions that allow you to store unforgettable moments and events in your life. It is microSD compatible, which means that you can save as many memories and data as you like.

LG CU920 Camera and Display

The LG CU920 has an immobile built-in camera  with video capabilities as well. Aside from this it has video player functions. It has Read more »

Samsung SCH-U940

Samsung SCH-U940

The Samsung SCH-U940 is amongst many of the newly developed mobiles in the 20th century. It has so many features, both internal and external, that will serve as a convenience for the millions of people who use cell phones as a part of their day-to-day lives. Talking to family, friends and business associates is just a snap. This can also be added to the fact that the Samsung SCH-U940 can store up to 1,000 names. Thus, it also provides other means of sending messages. Apart from the usual SMS, you can also send messages via MMS and email. When you are talking to someone, you can opt to put that person on speaker phone.

Moreover, there have been speculations that Samsung SCH-U940, which in the new pride of Verizon; is also the Samsung F700 Read more »

Sony Ericsson W830

Sony Ericsson W830

Sony Ericsson released during the last quarter of 2006 the EDGE capable brother to the W850; the W830 and the W830i. Both phones share the same functions and capabilities. The only difference is that the W850 is targeted towards the Chinese market and therefore comes with a Chinese keypad. The W830i is designed for the rest of Southeast Asia. In this light, this article will refer to the unit at hand simply as the Sony Ericsson W830.

As stated above, the W830 shares many of the same functions as the Sony Ericsson W850, including its looks, which will be much to a lot of people's chagrin, with the most noticeable difference being that the W830 is EDGE Read more »

LG Voyager

LG Voyager

The mobile phone division of LG scores a big one with the LG Voyager. Tagged by many as the Apple iPhone killer because of its many advantages over the iPhone, expectations are already high, with iPhone aficionados' eyebrows raised even higher. But taking into consideration the functions of the Voyager versus the iPhone, it very well may be what could give Apple a run for its money.

First to be tested of course is the call functions of the Voyager. While call quality is overall good, for its Read more »

Motorola V551 - 2

Motorola V551

We have yet another offering from Motorola: the Motorola V551. It is a clamshell type phone borrowing its looks from its older siblings like the Motorola V400. And lately it seems that Motorola has been rehashing the same designs over and over again that it gets hard keeping up with their handsets.

In fact there is not much difference between the V551 and earlier models except with regards to its functions and features. In a way, you could say that what Motorola is doing is a little like software updating rather than developing a completely different one. Bottom line is the Motorola Read more »

Samsung SPH-M800

Samsung SPH-M800

The Samsung SPH-M800 is a new type of mobile which is being prepared only for Sprint. It is indicated that it is, in fact, a North American version of the previously released European F490. This is because it has an array of features similar to the F490. This would go with its 2 megapixel camera, internet and Bluetooth capabilities among others.

Samsung SPH-M800 Camera and Display

The Samsung M800 is amazingly characterized by its significantly large, high-resolution and touch-sensitive display features. You will also see that there are only a limited number of keys in the front portion of the SPH-M800. Apart from being compared to the F490, it is also being categorized with the U940. It is indicated as being bit similar; but it does not have a QWERTY keyboard and it is also slimmer.

The Samsung M800 also comes with a touch Read more »

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