Samsung SGH-D500

Samsung SGH-D500

Samsung SGH-D500: There is nothing more proud for a cell phone manufacturer than its cell phone winning a GSM Association Award for the Best Mobile Handset. SGH-D500 is one of those cell phones which Samsung is proud to manufacture.

The slider D500 is a gem piece. With classic charcoal black color, the cell phone is build with fine quality material. 93.5x45.7x23.5mm being the size of D500, the cell phone still is only 99grams and feels good in palms.

The sliding mechanism is semi-automatic and works great. A one thumb push makes D500 ready for action. The key pad looks to be very much compact. Some may find the keys very close to each other. Back of the cell phone lie camera lens, mirror for self portraits and photo light. The right side contains headphone connector. Left spine has place for infrared port and volume control keys.

The 262K color display on a TFT screen at a resolution of 176x220 is something everyone wants. The 1.3MP camera at the back has got good snapping features followed by 176 x 144 resolution video recording.

We found media playback capabilities rather disappointing as compared to the overall standard of D500. Sound bass is a bit poor. However the speaker works great. The 64 chords are enough to play anything with a reasonable quality.

Samsung D500 battery quality is obvious from its 2 days of normal usage and 6 hours of continuous media playback. Although it is much more less than one expected for a cell phone of D500 specifications, even then the battery seems compatible to D500.

The overall performance of Samsung D500 is great. The tri band impressed GSM Association more because of its style and looks, than its specifications and variety of features. Anyhow, we will stick to the judgment of GSM Association as D500 one of the best GSM cell phones we encountered.

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