Samsung SGH-F210

Samsung SGH-F210

The slim line of Samsung mobile phones just unveiled the newest member of its clan; the SGH-F210. The F210's slim and slick body design can bring confusion to the average mobile user because it looks more like a music player than a mobile phone. It seems that Samsung is trying to capitalize on the growing mobile music industry by adding features to the F210 that appeals to the hip and chic music lovers. Just below the display screen, a metallic dial pad is installed which acts as the navigational key of the mobile phone that allows the user to scroll available menus with ease. This uniquely small device measures 87.7mm x 30.9mm x 20.4mm and weighs only 72 grams.

The F210, which is extremely light and small measures about 150mm when opened. This spinning design device comes in pink or black color variants and has smooth edges with evidence of quality manufacturing. The tri-band MP3 player look alike has a rotating front panel which when opened reveals the mobile phone's large keypad. Closed, the F210 shows no evidence of being a mobile phone because only the metallic pad and display screen are visible which adds to its appeal.

The F210's keypad has dedicated buttons for the camera, delete, call, end, and two configurable softmenu keys. One very important feature of the F210 is the ease of operating the seemingly complex device which gives it appeal for those who are looking for style and elegance, combined with incredible music playing capabilities. The metallic pad may be quite difficult to operate at first but once you get used to moving it around, it proves its worth with its functionality becoming more pronounced when viewing Samsung SGH-F210 Back and Side picture galleries. Accessing the F210's mobile phone functions is easy with the well constructed main menu which will give the user access to every available feature on the mobile phone.

The tri-band Samsung SGH-F210 has an exceptionally long battery life with approximately 265 hours of standby, about 200 minutes of talk time and a little over 9 hours of continuous music play.

It is a wonder how the slim and compact design of the Samsung SGH-F210 can accommodate a two megapixel camera that has 352 x 288 pixels and CIF video capabilities. Pictures, videos and messages can be displayed on the 1.46 inch 262,000 colors TFT LCD screen display which has a resolution of 128 x 220 pixels. The display screen may be a bit small for a mobile phone but the display quality is clear and bright which more than makes up for its size.

The quality of pictures is more than average when shot under diverse lighting conditions with nicely pronounced reds and greens. When the top panel is closed the screen functions in landscape mode which displays information on music being played. A welcome feature that sits in well for frequent travelers is the ability of the mobile phone to display on the standby screen two clocks of different time zones. However, this will not show when the top panel is closed so you have to open it to read the time.

The Samsung SGH-F210 has web browsing capabilities with WAP2.0 and xHTML support and can also connect to a personal computer with its USB2.0 support. Primarily, the F210 was designed as a music phone with majority of its features bundled in its ability to produce quality music. The visual enhancements for playbacks of music are also excellent. Information on the title, album art, track length and elapsed time are shown in music mode. Pausing, forward and back icons are also seen on the screen with pause or play option being activated also through the select button of the metallic pad.

The F210 supports MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+ music formats which can be played back with 3D sound effect for superior quality. Volume controls for the mobile phone while on music mode are located on top of the unit while the scroll wheel also acts as a navigation key to move around your music library. The Samsung SGH-F210 can also Samsung SGH-F210 Frontplayback videos with MPEG-4 format. To add to the music functionality of the F210, it is equipped with an application that can identify a song. Transition from music mode to phone mode shifts the display from landscape to portrait mode.

Other big features of this small package includes an FM radio with RDS, Stereo Bluetooth with A2DP, Java games and applications, T9, World clock, Universal converter, alarm, stopwatch and calendar. This compact mobile music player phone has an internal memory capacity of 1GB with a support for expandable memory with a microSD slot that can handle a maximum of 2GB memory. The multi-function port of the F210 accommodates the lanyard/headphone which allows the user to activate the phone's handsfree feature. The application software Samsung PC Studio 3.2 which is bundled with the sales package allows the user to transfer files from the personal computer to the F210 via USB connection.

Summary of Samsung SGH-F210 Features

  • Network: GSM 900/1800/1900, GPRS
  • Dimension: 87.7mm x 30.9mm x 20.4mm, 72g
  • Camera: 2MP, MPEG4, H.263
  • Display: 1.46”, 262K color TFT, 128 x 220 px
  • Audio: MP3/WMA/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, 3D sound effect, background music play, music recognition, WMDEM/MTP
  • Memory: 1GB (internal), Expandable microSD format (maximum 2GB)
  • Connectivity: Java/Bluetooth/MMS/USB 2.0/WAP 2.0
  • Ringtones: MP3, Polyphonic, 3D Sound Speakers

PROS: The portability of the Samsung SGH-F210 and its morphing feature that easily transforms it from a music player to a mobile phone is the greatest asset of this phone. Ease of use is also an important aspect of this phone with the revolutionary metallic pad and the transition from music to phone mode and vice versa doable with one hand.

CONS: Some considerations that would have added to the value of the F210 are adding a clock display while on music mode, camera flash and stabilizer so that the pictures would not be so blurry, dedicated camera button on the external for quick shoots and more readable menus. The screen size is acceptable for a music player but not for a mobile phone which does not do justice to the phones photo, video and web browsing capabilities.

Overall: There is no doubt that the Samsung SGH-F210 has succeeded in fusing together the music player and the mobile phone. While the music mode works incredibly well for its size, the phone mode needs some adjustments to be more gratifying to the user. Undoubtedly though, this mobile phone will be on the wish list of many music lovers that look for a high quality combination music player and mobile phone that exudes style, elegance, unique design and distinctive appeal.

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